Solar Stand Alone Street Lights

Solar Led Street Light

We PRASAD ELECTRICAL ENGG PVT. LTD. are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Solar Stand Alone Street Lights Loacated in Dombivli, Thane, Mumbai, India.

Solar Street Lighting is outdoor lighting unit used to illuminate a street or open areas. Solar Street Lights operates from Dusk to Dawn i.e., the lamp automatically switches ON after the sunset and switches OFF after sunrise. These street lights operate in stand-alone mode. The solar street light should be installed in a shadow free area or place where direct sunlight is available throughout the day. Street lighting system consists of SPV Module, Charge Controller Unit, Battery, Luminary, Interconnecting Cables and Pole. 

SPV Module

SPV module is fixed firmly on top of the pole with suitable tilt and inclination so as to receive maximum sunlight throughout the day. The SPV module thus produces suitable voltage and current, which is used to charge the battery inside the battery box. This energy stored in the battery is used to light up the lamp which is housed inside the luminary during night time.

Charge Controller Unit

The Charge Controller Unit (CCU) is the heart of the system, which controls the charging, discharging of the battery. CCU will increase the battery life by not allowing the battery to deep discharge and overcharge. During deep discharge conditions, the CCU will disconnect the light and a red LED glows on the luminary indicating that the battery is low and needs charging. The green LED on the luminary indicates that the battery is resuming charge. During overcharge conditions the CCU will disconnect the solar module and prevents overcharging of the battery.


The energy generated by SPV module is stored in the battery is used to light up the luminary during night time. Low maintenance tubular lead acid type battery is normally used for street lights. The battery is housed inside a battery box, which is fixed on to the pole at a suitable height from the ground for easy maintenance and replacement. Battery will be of Exide make.


LED lamp or CFL lamp are used to provide illumination during night times. CCU is incorporated in the Luminary itself.

Interconnecting Cables

The SPV module, luminary and battery are interconnected through the cables.


SPV module and the luminary are mounted on powder coated steel pipe at a height of 4 meters above ground. Height of the pole depends on the requirement of the customer.

Merits of Stand Alone Solar Lightings

• No Line Voltage, trenching or metering.
• No Power Outages
• Battery Backup for rainy and cloudy days
• Independent Power and Light Source so no point of failure.
• Easy to install
• Maintenance Free
• No cost of transformers and meters to be added
• No Monthly electrical bills
• No Running cost
• Long life PV modules ( 25 years lifetime)
• Better light source
• Automatic light source ( On/Off)
• Environmental friendly
• No Risk of electric shock.

1 PSSL-6W1 6 Watt 25 Wp 12 V 20 Ah 12 Ft
2 PSSL-6W2 6 Watt 40 Wp 12 V 40 Ah 16 Ft
3 PSSL-9W1 9 Watt 37 Wp 12 V 40 Ah 16 Ft
4 PSSL-9W2 9 Watt 40 Wp 12 V 40 Ah 16 Ft
5 PSSL-12W1 12 Watt 50 Wp 12 V 40 Ah 16 Ft
6 PSSL-12W2 12 Watt 40 Wp 12 V 40 Ah 16 Ft
7 PSSL-12W3 12 Watt 60 Wp 12 V 60 Ah 16 Ft
8 PSSL-15W 15 Watt 60 Wp 12 V 48 Ah 16 Ft
9 PSSL-18W1 18 Watt 74 Wp 12 V 75 Ah 20 Ft
10 PSSL-18W1 18 Watt 75 Wp 12 V 65 Ah 16 Ft
11 PSSL-20W 20 Watt 100 Wp 12 V 75 Ah 16 Ft
12 PSSL-24W1 24 Watt 40 Wp 12 V 40 Ah 16 Ft
13 PSSL-24W2 24 Watt 40 Wp 12 V 80 Ah 16 Ft
14 PSSL-24W2 24 Watt 100 Wp 12 V 100 Ah 20 Ft
15 PSSL-36W1 36 Watt 100 Wp 12 V 100 Ah 16 Ft
16 PSSL-36W2 36 Watt 150 Wp 12 V 150 Ah 26 Ft
17 PSSL-36W3 36 Watt 240 Wp 12 V 75 Ah 16 Ft
18 PSSL-48W 48 Watt 200 Wp 12 V 200 Ah 26 Ft