Solar Roof Top Power Systems

Rooftop Solar System

We PRASAD ELECTRICAL ENGG PVT. LTD. are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Solar Roof Top Power Systems Loacated in Dombivli, Thane, Mumbai, India.

Today households need continuous and regular access to power for various needs. Solar power packs are designed to provide electricity in homes with intermittent or no grid electricity. The power packs being modular in construction can be customized to generate and provide solutions for individual needs.

Solar power packs can begin at about 100 watts, going up to a few kilowatts. A typical 4-person semi urban/urban home can have a good mix of solar power and grid power balance by choosing to install a 1 KW solar power pack. A 1 KW power pack can help save Rs 8,250 per year (compared to using grid electricity). When used as power backup in grid-constrained locations, it saves fuel costs of up to Rs 56,000 per year compared to the equivalent use of a 1 KVA gasoline generator.

A power pack is composed of a set of solar PV panels connected together to generate electricity by converting solar radiation into electrical energy.

The electrical energy generated from the array of panels is transmitted to the household load or battery bank storage through a controller or smart inverter. The inverter is a seamless connection between grid, solar array, house load and the battery bank. It constantly interacts with these 4 inputs to always utilize solar energy to the maximum – choosing to utilize it against the load first and directing excess generation to storage in the batteries, reserved for use when solar power is not there.

The battery bank stores power that cannot be utilized directly by the household load – to be used when requirement of household load is more than what the solar PV is providing at a particular time or when power from solar energy is not available, thus reducing the consumption of power from grid and saving on electricity bills.

Note: Solar Pack can also be provided for institutions, residential and commercial buildings, construction sites, government premises and buildings, universities, departments of private and govt companies, etc.

Advantages of Solar Home Pack:

• Reduces energy bill and in many areas the utility will buy back the extra electricity you generate.
• It adds to the value of your home.
• Gain energy independence
• Good investment in a sustainable future.
• Can be installed quickly and zero emissions.
• Low maintenance and Low Noise.
• No need for costly transmission infrastructure.

Name Description
PSRT-1Kw 1KW System with 1000 Wp Solar Panels, 48V / 100Ah T Gel Battery Bank, 4hrs. battery backup
PSRT-2Kw 2KW System with 2000 Wp Solar Panels, 48V / 200Ah T Gel Battery Bank, 4hrs. battery backup
PSRT-3Kw 3KW System with 3000 Wp Solar Panels, 48V / 300Ah T Gel Battery Bank, 4hrs. battery backup
PSRT-5Kw 5KW System with 5000 Wp Solar Panels, 96V / 300Ah T Gel Battery Bank, 4hrs. battery backup